Billie Walker

is a London based, freelance culture & lifestyle journalist, with notable bylines in Cosmopolitan, The Daily Beast, Inverse, Little White Lies, Refinery29 and many more. She is a regular book reviewer for The Big Issue and her film reviews are often featured in Why Now and We Love Cinema. Critical fascinations have included a questioning of our societal true crime obsession, the visceral intimacy of body horror and cinemas enduring obsession with hagsploitation. Billie Walker’s writing often focuses on her main passion: horror. However she regularly emerges from her creepy comfort zone using her personal experiences to write essays reflecting on sex, mental health and trauma. As a journalist and a skilled content writer Billie Walker prides herself on her awareness of the influence of pop and internet culture as well as her ability to create engaging work of a high quality with a fast turnover and unique perspective.

Available for podcasts and commissions.